Why Real Estate Agents Will Earn 50% Less in 5-10 Years

You may not like the title of this article but I think you should be aware of the changes taking place in the real estate industry.

You have likely heard of dual agency especially if you’re in real estate.  Dual agency is when you have one agent represent both the buyer and seller. Agents usually earn more money from dual agency because they collect the commission from what the buyer’s agent and listing agent would make. Dual commission, Dual agency.

Don’t let the title of this post confuse you, currently 99% of all real estate transactions are Single Agency. Single agency is when one agent represents the seller and another agent represents the buyer. But what if single agency only involved one agent in the entire transaction? What if the buyer has no agent representing them? What if the buyer was instructed to get their loan approval? Allowed to submit offers directly to the listing agent via some technology platform? (Zillow) Allowed to perform a home inspection with a list of approved vendors provided to them? What if a technology website gave them the direction and told them what to do at each step of the home buying process?

Is Zillow Really Just a Technology Firm?

There’s no question in my mind that if Zillow or any technology firm could figure out how to create an Uber / Lyft (I prefer Lyft) like process for buying and selling real estate they would do it in a heartbeat. The problem is that the process of buying real estate is about as complex of a process any consumer will usually deal with. In my experience I have yet to have one transaction be the same as another and I have a been part of several thousand transactions.

Every real estate transaction is different. I expect the real estate industry as a whole to move in this direction. We have seen it in every other industry and consumers are tired of paying 5-6% to sell their property. I expect that within the next 5-10 years or perhaps sooner we will see sellers paying 2-3% every time they sell their property.

earn more with aXIA

This is where Axia Real Estate comes in to the equation. We have spent many years as a traditional brokerage but now we are moving in new direction. Axia Real Estate Group is now offering a new commission plan. The plan will pay real estate agents more of their real estate commission. We will still have some traditional commission options for newer agents who require one on one training but experienced agents working with Axia will have the option of receiving a higher cut. Our goal is to help you earn more of your commission. We can do this while still providing you with an office to work in and great tools and technology.


Please use the contact us form or call us if you would like to learn more. If you’re looking for a brokerage focused on technology with a an outstanding culture and office environment we would love to talk to you.

Alex Aguilar
Axia Real Estate Group, Inc.
Start Earning 100% Of Your Real Estate Commission

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